How to Find Best Deals on Amazon these days?

  How to find deals on Amazon

How to find deals on Amazon can significantly enhance your shopping experience, allowing you to save money on a wide range of products. Therefore, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to navigate Amazon’s vast marketplace and uncover the best deals.

1. Utilize Amazon’s Deal Sections        

a. Today’s Deals
Amazon’s “Today’s Deals” section is a goldmine for finding discounts. This section includes Lightning Deals, Deal of the Day, and Best Deals.

Lightning Deals are limited-time offers that can last for a few hours or until the product is sold out. To take advantage, you need to act quickly. Set alerts or check frequently for new deals.

b. Outlet and Warehouse Deals
Amazon Outlet offers overstocked or clearance items at reduced prices, while Amazon Warehouse sells pre-owned, refurbished, or returned items at a discount. Both sections are excellent for finding bargains on products that might be slightly out of the current season or in less-than-perfect packaging.

2. Subscribe to Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime members often receive early access to Lightning Deals and exclusive discounts. Prime members also benefit from free two-day shipping, which adds further value to your purchases.

  How to find deals on Amazon
How to find deals on Amazon

3. Price Tracking and Comparison Tools

a. Camel Camel Camel

Camel Camel Camel is a price tracking website specifically for Amazon. It provides historical price data and alerts you when a product’s price drops to your desired level. By analyzing price trends, you can determine the best time to buy.

b. Honey

Honey is a browser extension that automatically applies coupon codes at checkout and alerts you to price drops on items you’re watching. It can also show you price history charts, helping you make informed purchasing decisions.

4. Use Wishlist and Cart for Price Alerts

Adding items to your Wishlist or cart can be a strategic move. Moreover, Amazon will sometimes notify you if the price of an item in your Wishlist or cart drops. Consequently, this feature is useful for tracking products you’re interested in without having to check back manually.

5. Check for Coupons

Many products on Amazon offer digital coupons that you can “clip” and apply at checkout. Therefore, look for the “Save an extra” or “Clip coupon” checkbox beneath the price on the product page.

6. Subscribe & Save

For household items and consumables, Amazon’s “Subscribe & Save” program can offer substantial savings. By subscribing to regular deliveries, you can save up to 15% on your orders. Additionally, the more items you subscribe to, the greater the discount.

7. Take Advantage of Amazon’s Credit Card Rewards

Amazon offers a variety of credit cards that provide cashback on purchases. The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card, for instance, offers 5% cashback on all Amazon purchases for Prime members.

  How to find deals on Amazon
How to find deals on Amazon

8. Shopping Events and Sales

a. Amazon Prime Day

Prime Day is Amazon’s annual two-day sales event, exclusive to Prime members. During this event, it offers substantial discounts across almost every category. Consequently, preparing ahead of time by making a list of desired products and setting price alerts can help you make the most of this event.

b. Black Friday and Cyber Monday

These major shopping holidays feature extensive discounts. Amazon participates vigorously, often with week-long deals leading up to and following the event.

9. Trade-In Program

Amazon’s Trade-In Program allows you to trade in eligible items, such as electronics and books, for Amazon gift cards. This can reduce the cost of your new purchases significantly.

10. Third-Party Seller Deals

Many third-party sellers on Amazon offer competitive pricing, especially for new or niche products. Comparing the prices of different sellers can help you find the best deal. Additionally, ensure to check the seller ratings and reviews for reliability. By meticulously assessing both the prices and the seller’s reputation, you can make informed decisions and secure the most favorable shopping outcomes.

11. Amazon Family

If you have children, Amazon Family offers additional discounts on baby-related products through the Subscribe & Save program. Joining Amazon Family can also grant you exclusive coupons and deals.


To find the best deals on Amazon, start with the Today’s  to find Deals on Amazon and Lightning Deals pages. Use price trackers like CamelCamelCamel and Keep a to monitor price drops and get alerts. The Honey browser extension can help apply the best coupons. Sign up for Amazon Prime for exclusive deals and faster shipping. Check the Subscribe & Save program for discounts on regular purchases. Stay informed about major sales events like Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Always read reviews and compare prices from different sellers to ensure you’re getting the best deal on Amazon.

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How to find deals on Amazon

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