Canva launches it’s new enterprise version

Canva launches it’s new enterprise version

After spending a decade relentlessly pursuing its mission to “empower every person to design,” Canva, the comprehensive visual communication platform, is now pivoting its focus. It is now catering to the design needs of organizations. This is a strategic shift for the company. It represents a natural evolution.

As Robert Kawalsky , Head of Product at Canva, told a reputed news channel, this strategic shift means “empowering organizations to give their workforce the design capabilities of Canva while meeting enterprise requirements.”

Widespread Enterprise Adoption

The move to the enterprise segment was, in a sense, an organic progression, given the platform’s widespread adoption among corporate giants. Kawalsky revealed that a staggering “95% of the Fortune 500 companies” already have teams actively utilizing Canva’s services.

What we are truly enabling them to do now is to enhance that organic usage. People have embraced this organic usage. They embraced it due to their affection for our user-friendly product. They embraced it due to their affection for our visually appealing product. We are providing all the necessary features all the necessary tools. We are providing all the necessary capabilities.

This includes robust reporting mechanisms. It also includes stringent compliance measures. And robust security protocols. These features enable organizations to deploy Canva enterprise-wide. They help address pain points the workforce faces. The pain points relate to design and visual communication.

Addressing Complexity with a Single Platform

Today, Canva boasts an impressive user base of over 185 million monthly active users and more than $2.3 billion in annualized revenue. “We are finding that while visual communication has never been more crucial, the complexities involved in navigating an organization with numerous tools, emerging technologies, and the rise of AI have actually created significant complexity. Our aim is to address this complexity through a single platform,” Kawalsky added.

Enterprise-Ready Features

According to Kawalsky, with the Canva enterprise plan, they have ensured features like single sign-on, reporting administration, and the ability to organize and manage teams across the company level. “It is crucial that we ensure we meet all the necessary requirements. However, these experiences should not be an afterthought; they are central to how we are approaching the enterprise segment,” he stated.

Customization and Content Accessibility

Furthermore, Canva has redesigned its homepage to allow organizations to customize it and align it with their brand identity. This redesign also enables them to access a variety of content types, including documents, presentations, whiteboards, websites, and videos. Kawalsky added that Canva now offers a new feature for teams or administrators to highlight specific content, serving as a mechanism not only for content creation but also for facilitating content consumption within teams.

Integrating Design, Workflows, and AI

“We are seeing a lot of large organizations using Canva as a brainstorming tool with our whiteboarding feature. With AI, in a single click, we can turn that brainstorm into a long-form document that can be distributed amongst the rest of the team, ” Kawalsky” added.

Upskilling and Integration Capabilities

Another new aspect is Canva Courses, a mechanism to upskill staff across the board while tracking their progress. Kawalsky acknowledged that large organizations like FedEx that use Canva also have other partners that need to be integrated, and hence the Canva API allows building applications on top and even integrating Canva into other applications. “If needed, we will develop applications that fulfill bespoke needs.”

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